Twitter has a new design! Twitter, the popular microblogging site has launched a major upgrade today by completely changing the design and layout of it. Not only it has got brand new looks but also has poped out some new features. This update is huge and this upgrade is the biggest ever on Twitter which totally revamped the website. Well, not only website, but both iOS and Android App has got the new upgrades. TweetDeck too.

So what’s new Twitter and why it has been so different to the old Twitter.

The Login Page

Lets start with the Twitter Login Page. When you go to, the login page itself has been quite changed. Look for yourself in below picture.

“Welcome to Twitter. Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.”

The background color and the image changes randomly.


Top Navigation Bar

The navigation bar now has new buttons which replaces the funtionalities of the old twitter. You can now basically see 3 primary buttons named “Home”, “Connect” and “Discover”. The icons have also been changed and they simply resembles the symbols found on the keyboard such as “@” and “#”. We’ve explainded each section further below.


The HomePage or the Tweets Feed

But the major redesign has been given to main home interface or the news feed where you see tweets of the people you follow. The main tweet feed is now shown on the right side (which was on left before). Media such as photos and videos are shown on the feed now instead of on the side panel (you’ll see an icon and a link to it). To view @mentions and @reply, simply click “Open”, the new option available on the top right corner of a tweet


@Connect – The new interactions page

This is where all of your @mentions and @reply are shown. Not of others but only your’s interactions are shown in this page. The styles are pretty similar and not much new. You can navigate through ‘Interactions’ and ‘Mentions’ using the Navigation on Left Panel.


#Discover – Searching People and Contents made easier and nicer

The search funtionalities of Twitter is now superchanged with the new #Discover page. It shows trending stories, activities and hashtags as well as great recommendation based on your following/followers interest and location. Its just like a ‘What’s hot’ of twitter. The tweet feed on right are interesting and fun to read now.

The Activity section of #Discover page shows what people have been doing on twitter including their ‘Follow’ activities.

And lastly you can find who to follow using ‘Who to follow’ or ‘Find Friends’ or ‘Browse Categories’ option provided.


Embedded Tweets – A new way of showing a particular tweet on a website

When people want to show a specific tweet on their website, they usually make an image of that Tweet and put in on their page. But with the new “Embedded Tweets” function, we don’t have to do capture the screen.


Here’s how to embed tweets from twitter to a website. Click “Open” option of that tweet and go to “Details”. A separate page of that specific tweet will be shown. There you can see “Embed this Tweet” link. Click on that link and the rest its easy.

Brand Pages

Finally, Brand Pages land on Twitter too. Facebook and Google+ already have those and twitter did not want to be left behind with this. So, companies and businesses can now create a brand page on twitter and increase more funtionalities with more interactions. The brand pages will have an extended large taglines and they’ll be able to promote their tweets on timeline which helps to highlight their best contents. Brand Pages and available to all and its free.

dell-brand-page-twitterAnd most important of above all is…now twitter loads even faster and its performance is now better than ever. Try it for yourself and give your views about the new Twitter design in the comment section below.