10 cool Youtube facts.

  • The very first video uploaded was called “Me at the Zoo”, on 23rd April 2005
  • By June 2006, more than 65,000 videos were being uploaded every day
  • YouTube receives more than 2 billion viewers per day
  • Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube
  • The U.S. accounts for 70% of YouTube users
  • Over half of YouTube’s users are under 20 years old
  • You would need to live for around 1,000 years to watch all the videos currently on YouTube
  • YouTube is available in 19 countries and 12 languages
  • Music videos account for 20% of uploads
  • YouTube uses the same amount of bandwidth as the entire Internet used in 2000.

Tomorrow – 10 cool Facebook facts…….


10 cool twitter facts!

  • Twitter’s web platform only accounts for a quarter of its users – 75% use third-party apps.
  • Twitter gets more than 300,000 new users every day.
  •  There are currently 110 million users of Twitter’s services.
  • Twitter receives 180 million unique visits each month.
  • There are more than 600 million searches on Twitter every day.
  • Twitter started as a simple SMS-text service.
  • Over 60% of Twitter use is outside the U.S.
  • There are more than 50,000 third-party apps for Twitter.
  • Twitter has donated access to all of its tweets to the Library of Congress for research and preservation.
  •  More than a third of users access Twitter via their mobile phone.

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 10

  You’re not keeping score…

Doesn’t matter what it is in life, if you’re not measuring it’s impossible to know how well – or badly – you’re doing.

Every month – more frequently if you require – we’ll provide you with a detailed report. It will tell you exactly how you’re doing across the full spectrum of social media platforms. We’ll track your progress and the trends. We’ll keep score for you.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 9

Your Blog isn’t very good…

OK, so we might be offending 0.6% of our readers here – but for 99.4% our analysis is spot on.

When you go to somebody’s house for the first time, what do you do? You look around for photographs, check out the books and magazines lying around, you form a picture of this person. The same needs to be true of your blog – it needs to be a window on you. So people that come there feel like they know you and your business. They can see pictures, learn what you’re interested in, read all about you.

Here’s the thing – all you have to be is more interesting than an advert. They have to feel that they know you just a little bit better than they know your competitors. That’s all. Make a personal connection with them via your blog and they’ll trust you and the business is in the bag.

There’s also a whole caboodle of SEO reasons why your blog is important. Bottom line is, you’ve got to have a great blog – and you don’t, right now. But don’t worry, your Social Media Manager can fix that for you.


Tomorrow No 10 – You’re not keeping score

10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 8

 You haven’t got time to do it properly

Oh sure, you can dip in and out and dabble. You can tweet a few times each day. But if you’re running a business the reality is that haven’t got the capacity to do social media properly. Not to fully exploit the enormous opportunities that it presents.

Just. Not. Possible.

You need some help.


Tomorrow No 9 – Your blog isn’t very good

10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 7

 You Don’t Know What to Do…

No disrespect, but it’s true.

99% of UK business owners have little or no idea how to properly tap into and exploit social media – even those who are dabbling with it already.

Which platforms are right to expand the exposure for your business and your target market?
(ANSWER: It depends!)

What is a social media campaign?
(SHORT ANSWER: It’s developing a great message and then reaching out to people, while giving them an incentive to ‘pass it on’)

How do you monitor social media and spot what needs action?
(SHORT ANSWER: Google Alerts, Twitter searches, traffic sources…and more)

How do you build the right audience?
(SHORT ANSWER: By finding interesting, relevant people on Twitter, commenting on relevant blog posts, using Facebook marketing and pages and getting into conversation with people)

Tomorrow No 8 – You haven’t got time to do it properly

10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 6

 Your Reputation Matters…

 What have people said about you, your industry, your company or your competitors on Twitter or Facebook today?
This week?
With a Social Media Manager you will always know.
How valuable is it when a disgruntled customer grouches about you online and you are able to spot it and respond constructively and positively – within hours? Your relationship with them isn’t just preserved, it’s enhanced.
How valuable is it to be able to collect the nice things that people say about you (that you wouldn’t normally even see) and magnify their exposure. This is big stuff.

Tomorrow No 7 – You Don’t Know What to Do…



10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 5

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Google is now recognizing Tweets in their organic results – and high up, too.There are hundreds of thousands of Twitter profiles showing on Page 1 of Google for valuable keyword terms. Google recognises Facebook profiles and allows commercial “fan” pages now to rank as well.

 Effective use of social media builds relationships which turn into links. Instead of trying to put your content where it’s not wanted (high Page Rank sites that dislike spam) why not put it on sites which are SEO friendly, which like fresh content, and allow you to post virtually anything you want, anytime you want? The obvious answer here is that SEO and social media are like strawberries and cream – both are better when they are together.

Bottom line: SEO will deeply depend on social media in the future, and therefore utilising it is a must for anyone who wants web traffic. Period. End of story.

Tomorrow No 6Your Reputation Matters…



10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 4

 The New Internet Marketing

The goal of any internet marketer is to get people to visit a specific website. So then, if several of the most visited websites in the world are already allowing people to use their sites to freely guide people to specific websites, why wouldn’t you want a chunky piece of the action?

Why does Google make so much money from its ‘pay-per-click’ advertising? Because most people who use the internet use Google to find what they want. NEWSFLASH: most people who use the internet use Facebook, (Facebook now has more page views per month than Google) and Twitter isn’t too far behind. Internet marketing is already beginning to manifest itself into social media because the truth is, the opportunity on these sites is as big as anything that’s ever happened on the web.

Tomorrow No 5 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your business. No 3

 A Community Following

By far the biggest benefit of using platforms such as Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn is the ability for you to build a community around your cause. If you sell car valeting products how valuable would it be to have tens of thousands of car enthusiasts accessible to your business right now? What if you could have them help you develop your new products, test it for you, and then spread the good word to ten friends each? If every one of them did that (and they can and will if you do this properly) then that’d make you some serious cash, and wouldn’t hurt your brand reputation either.


Community is about engaging. It’s about listening, and responding appropriately. It is NOT just shouting about me, me, me and your new idea. It’s about caring for others. Do this, and you will help your brand and reputation in such a way that you will always have people willing to help you accomplish your goals. It’s powerful stuff.


Tomorrow No 4 – The new internet marketing